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  Renewable Energy Resources

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-- About Us --

    The journal of Renewable Energy Resources is sponsored by Liaoning Institute of Energy Resources. The institute was mainly engaged in application foundation R&D of solar heat utilization, biomass energy utilization, geothermal energy utilization and industrial energy conservation.
    The institute sets up R&D units of biomass gasification technology, biomass compact forming technology, biogas technology, heat energy utilization technology and chemical material, is National Steam Condensate Recovery Technology Research and Promotion Center, Liaoning biomass energy thermochemical conversion technology key laboratory, technical support unit of Liaoning biomass energy engineering technology research center, president unit of Chinese Biomass Energy Technology Development Center and attached institutions of Liaoning Renewable Energy Society and Liaoning CDM Project Office, and compiled and published Chinese Core Journal Renewable Energy Resources. Our institute has new instrument and network center in renewable energy research direction as support system.
    The institute has formed a scientific research and development team with reasonable age and knowledge structure and complete professionalism. It has undertaken over 100 projects, including National Science and Technology Plan, National "863" Plan, International Scientific and Technological Cooperation Plan, Science and Technology Plan of the Ministry of Agriculture, and Liaoning Scientific and Technological Plan, and many achievements have passed provincial identification or national acceptance and obtained over 40 national and provincial (ministerial) awards.
    The institute attaches importance to international cooperation and exchange, and establishes close partnership with research institutions and organizations in Italy, Germany, India, Pakistan, Iran, Ukraine, Japan, etc.
    Over the years, The institute has emphasized the transformation of science and technology to industry, actively applied scientific achievements to national economy construction, converted multiple technologies to products, and obtained higher economic and social benefits.
In recent years, the institute has actively integrated infrastructure, technological means and talent team according to situation and social needs, concentrated on tackling key problems in several key technical fields restricting industrial development, and obtained positive results. Powerful talent and technical support condition and humanized management mechanism will make us contribute more to the progress and development of Chinese renewable energy cause.

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